Article: Un-Sanitize Your “Wokeness”

Nov 19th, 2017, 09:05 PM

Un-Sanitize Your “Wokeness”

By Imani Barbarin

Black Lives Matter. Image Credit: Flickr/Ella

Why liking and sharing feel-good “woke” videos is unhelpful and needs to stop.

You have likely seen the viral video. A tense moment between rival protests that can degenerate into violence — or a flash mob dance-off ends with a black man embracing a Nazi as an olive branch.

Sweet, right? Wrong.

This moment, and its subsequent virality in online spaces, is exactly what I dislike about moderate politics in the age of necessary resistance… (To read more, click here, or download Un-Sanitize Your _Wokeness_ _ Peacock Plume)


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